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The use and characteristics of the secondary measuring instrument


    The secondary element measuring instrument is also called a secondary measuring instrument, or a video measuring instrument and a video measuring machine, which are used to measure the size of the product and the mold, or to measure the geometrical tolerance of the measured element, such as the positional degree. , concentricity, straightness, profile, roundness and size related to the benchmark, etc., the secondary element is mainly used for two-dimensional plane inspection of thinner products (such as shrapnel) and smaller products or two-dimensional projection inspection of other workpieces.

The main purpose

    It is used to measure two-dimensional plane sizes and is widely used in various precision industries. It is mainly used for calipers and angles that are difficult to measure or not at all, but which play important part sizes and angles in assembly, such as silicone, circuit board creepage distance, electrical clearance, control panel Light holes, certain dimensions of plastic parts, etc., can also be used to take pictures of pictures of certain parts for analysis of bad causes. Since the image measuring instrument is an image obtained by illuminating the parts with surface light or contour light, it is necessary to take points when measuring the parts. Not all parts are measured by the secondary element measuring instrument. The best method is the most effective. The way to measure the size of the part is the most accurate.

Instrument characteristics

    1. High-precision granite base, column and beam to ensure high stability and precision

    2. All-aluminum work surface and double-layer grinding optical glass

    3. Imported high-precision P-class linear guide, precision silent grinding screw, high precision, positioning

    4. Three-axis servo motor drive

    5. Original imported high-resolution, high-resolution industrial-specific color CCD to ensure high-quality measurement screen

    6. Import high-definition, high-resolution continuous zoom lens, can change the working magnification at any time

    7. Imported high precision metal grating

    8. Automatic programmable zoned LED cold light source for multi-angle illumination


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