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Selection and maintenance of aluminum alloy cutting fluid

1. Characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy

1) Aluminum and aluminum alloys are soft and plastic, have large deformation during cutting, and are easy to stick to the knife. Forming a built-up edge on the tool may cause a phenomenon of melting welding, which causes the tool to lose cutting ability and affect the processing precision and surface roughness.

2) The aluminum alloy has a large thermal expansion coefficient, and the cutting heat easily causes thermal deformation of the work and reduces the processing precision.

3) The surface is prone to discoloration and pitting, and the surface is brown to black, which will precipitate white powder, commonly known as white rust.

2. Selection of aluminum alloy cutting fluid

Both the lubricity and the cooling performance are considered, and the emulsified cutting fluid or the low-viscosity cutting fluid is selected for finishing.

3. Aluminum alloy grinding

Since the grinding is very small, it is necessary to pay attention to the filterability of the cutting fluid. It is not possible to select a grinding fluid with too much consistency, otherwise the chips will not be deposited in time or filtered out, which will scratch the surface of the workpiece and affect the surface finish. Therefore, precision grinding oil or semi-synthetic cutting fluid is easy to use for fine grinding or super fine grinding.

4. Use and maintenance of aluminum alloy cutting fluid

1) Use tap water, preferably deionized water to ensure the use effect and service life of the cutting fluid.

2) The machine tool should have a filtering system, and clean and clean the filter or non-woven fabric for at least 3 days. Because the aluminum alloy is easy to form aluminum soap, the stability of the cutting fluid is destroyed. Aluminum chips should be filtered out immediately to avoid the reaction of aluminum chips with the cutting fluid and affect the effect and life. During the grinding process, the aluminum chips are small and light, and it is difficult to precipitate. If not filtered or insufficiently filtered, the aluminum chips will scratch the surface and affect the surface gloss.

3) Ph value. Aluminum is very sensitive to the Ph value of the cutting fluid. It is necessary to regularly check the Ph value of the cutting fluid. It is found that the abnormality should be adjusted in time so that the Ph value is controlled between 8-9, so as to avoid the Ph value is too high to corrode the workpiece, Ph value Too low allows the bacteria to multiply, affecting the stability and performance of the cutting fluid.

4) Add new liquid at regular intervals. That is to ensure the good lubrication of the cutting fluid, but also to ensure good rust resistance and sterilization and anti-corrosion performance of the cutting fluid to prolong the service life of the working fluid.

5) Pay attention to the method of preparing new liquid, and pay attention to when to add diluent and pay attention to the method of deep management

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