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Hardware Punch test method

Metal stamping is the use of punch and die stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal plates and heterosexual deformed or broken, a process to achieve a certain shape and size.

Punch is a stamping presses. In the national production, the stamping process due to saving material and energy than conventional machining, the high efficiency, less demanding of operator technique and the application may be made by a variety of mold machining products beyond the reach of these advantages, which its use more widely.

Punch test method:

1 Whetstone polished

1) the first with a clean gauze surface of the outer cover wipe clean, and then grinding oil stone (20 × 20 × 100mm or more), there arc places and hard to reach places with a relatively small grinding Whetstone (for example: 8 × 100mm semicircular stone) of this method depends on how careful inspectors.

2) Whetstone size selection depends on the surface conditions (such as roughness, zinc, etc.). Recommended for fine-grained whetstone. Whetstone polished direction substantially along the longitudinal direction, and a good bonding surface stampings, some special place can also add horizontal sanding.

2 Touch Test

First, the outer cover surface clean with a clean gauze. Secondly, the inspector should wear gloves touch along the longitudinal stampings stamping against the surface of the touch, this test method depends on the experience of inspectors. If necessary, it can be ascertained Whetstone grinding suspect areas and verified, although this method is time-consuming but this may well be an effective method of rapid test methods. - Stamping die processing

3 Oiled test

With a clean gauze to cover the outer surface clean. Then a clean brush evenly coated with oil to the entire outer surface of the stamping along the same direction. James finished the pressing member on the light oil under test, it is recommended to stamping in vertical body position. This method can be easily found in tiny pits on the stampings, flat pond, ripples.

4 With the seizure detection

The stamping into the seizure, the seizure of instructions based on operational requirements, after stamping parts individually detected.

5 Visual inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used to detect abnormal appearance stamping and macro defects.

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