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Cutting step selection and principle of shaft parts

After the parts and the turning tool are clamped, the cutting amount has been roughly selected. The next step is to turn. From which end does the drawing start turning? This is a very important job. You may have the parts and turning tools installed correctly, and the cutting amount is also good. However, if the turning step is not good, the waste will also be produced.

In order to correctly select the turning steps of the shaft parts: first understand the selection principle:

    1. Parts can be used according to different quantity and precision requirements, machine tool conditions, two different processing principles can be used: process concentration and process dispersion principle.

Process concentration = After the first part is fully loaded, the second and third are...

Process dispersion = first the same surface of all parts, then the second, third ..... surface of all parts.

Generally speaking, when the batch size of the parts is small, or only a few of the intermediate surfaces have higher positional accuracy requirements, and the precision of the lathe is higher, the concentration principle can also be adopted. On the contrary, the principle of process dispersion is adopted.

    2. When turning parts: Generally, the car is always divided. Semi-rough car. Finish the car in three stages. Why do you want to do this? The reasons are as follows:

      1) When roughing, due to the depth of the knife and the amount of feed, the resulting cutting force is also large, so the work must be clamped. This will pinch the workpiece. The clip is deformed. If the horse part has a good surface on one surface and the other end of the rough car, the surface of the finished car has a surface in the chuck.

      2) A large amount of heat is generated during roughing, which affects the dimensional accuracy of the parts. When finishing the car, roughing the car, after separation, the parts have a cooling opportunity in front of the finishing car.

      3) There is internal stress in any workpiece blank. When the surface car is removed, the internal stress is redistributed to deform the part. The rough car parts are highly deformed. (Knife deep) Fine car: On high precision machine tools.

      4) Because the finishing car is placed at the end, it can avoid the smooth surface of the working year, bruises and scratches in multiple clamping, causing rework and wasting work hours.

      5) Fine car, separate car, can find the blank defect to replace the blank in time, then all the work in front is in vain.

All of the above points indicate the necessity of thick parts and fine cars.

    3. For parts with high precision requirements, in order to eliminate internal stress, after roughing, it must be quenched and tempered. (by 1.5-2.5 mm margin)

    4. If the parts are turned after grinding, what is the rough car, no longer fine. There is a proper margin after roughing.

    5. When turning the step shaft: Generally it is the larger end of the turning diameter. This ensures the rigidity of the shaft during turning.

    6. When grooving on the shaft, it is usually after: roughing and semi-finishing, before finishing the car. If the part is steel, the precision is not high, and it can also be done after finishing the car. This depth is easy to control.

    7. The thread on the shaft is usually turned after the semi-finished car. If the shaft is not very rigid, the thread can also be placed in the final turning.


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