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Climb milling and up milling of CNC milling machines and their advantages

First. What is the down-cut and up-cut milling of CNC milling machines?

In the milling process, according to the relationship between the rotation direction of the milling cutter and the cutting feed direction, it can be divided into two types: down milling and up milling. When the direction of rotation of the contact portion between the milling cutter and the workpiece is the same as the workpiece feeding direction, it is called down milling, and vice versa. There will always be a large or small gap between the nut and the screw of the milling machine. When the milling force changes with the horizontal milling force, the table and the screw will be tilted left and right. This periodic turbulence makes the work The motion of the platform is very unstable, which is easy to cause damage to the cutter teeth. However, the vertical milling component of the down-milling presses the workpiece against the table. The cutter teeth and the machined surface slide and the friction phenomenon is small, which reduces the wear of the cutter teeth and reduces the work hardening phenomenon. It is advantageous to reduce the surface roughness. Therefore, it is advisable to use down-cutting when the gap between the table screw and the nut is adjusted to less than 0.03 mm or when milling a thin and long workpiece. When milling upset, the vertical component force is used to lift the workpiece, and the friction between the cutter and the machined surface is increased. However, the horizontal component of the milling helps the screw and the nut to be tight, so that the movement of the table is relatively stable, and the wear of the cutter caused by the milling and forging is also small. Therefore, general milling uses up-cut milling.

Second, the characteristics of CNC milling machine down and down milling

Features of Climb Milling:

When milling, the cutting thickness of each knife changes gradually from small to large. When the tooth is just in contact with the workpiece, the cutting thickness is zero. Only when the tooth slides over a cutting surface left by the previous tooth, the cutting tooth actually starts cutting after the cutting thickness reaches a certain value. Up-cut milling allows the cutting thickness to vary from large to small, and the sliding distance of the teeth on the cutting surface is also small. Moreover, when milling, the distance that the teeth travel on the workpiece is shorter than that of the reverse milling. Therefore, under the same cutting conditions, the tool is prone to wear when using up-cut milling. When milling, the cutters are cut from the surface of the workpiece each time, so it is not suitable for machining workpieces with hard skin. The average cutting thickness during the down milling is large, the cutting deformation is small, and the power consumption is less than that of the up-cut milling.

Features of up-cut milling:

Since the horizontal cutting force acting on the workpiece is opposite to the direction in which the workpiece is fed, the table screw and the nut can always keep one side of the thread in close contact. However, when the milling is performed, the direction of the horizontal milling force is consistent with the direction of the workpiece feeding. When the force of the teeth on the workpiece is large, the table will be generated due to the gap between the screw and the nut of the table. This not only destroys the smoothness of the cutting process, but also affects the machining quality of the workpiece, and it can damage the tool in severe cases. Due to the large friction between the teeth and the workpiece, the chilled phenomenon of the machined surface is more serious.


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