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Acrylic processing from LK

Acrylic processing technology:

Acrylic sheet is a kind of plastic material, which is easy to process and makes beautiful and exquisite products.

Generally speaking, they are mainly divided into two categories: machining and thermoforming.

Mechanical processing

The tool is used to cut, drill, plan, engrave, grind, polish, etc. the tool is also very simple. All machines used for processing wood and lightweight metals (such as aluminum and copper) can be used to select the tool selection and motor speed. In general, carbonized knives and sharper tools are required, and the required motor speed is also high.

Two thermoforming processing

Thermoforming: Acrylic sheets are thermoplastic plastic materials that can be heated to soften and reshape the desired shape. The oven or the electric heater can soften the acrylic sheet, and the heating temperature is between 150 and 200 ° C, and then placed on the mold to be formed, and then cooled. In addition, it can also be used for stretch forming, generally using a mold, and then applying hot pressing, vacuum or plastic forming.

Acrylic sheet gluing: Acrylic sheets can be glued with a general solvent such as chloroform, methylene chloride or Krebs adhesive. When in use, the solvent is injected into the glue joint with a syringe, and then left to stand for a few minutes to be fixed and glued.


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